J.P. Saulnier

President & Chief Executive Officer

In addition to being an owner operator of WestCoast B.O.P and since 2002, Mr. Saulnier has owned and operated two Red Deer, Alberta based companies, Blowout Control Tools, Inc (BCT). And B. O. P. Systems Consulting Inc.

BCT is engaged in the rental of float valves designed by BCT and used specifically for underbalanced gas drilling. The BCT float valve facilitates the use of titanium carbide, tungsten carbide and other non-corrosive materials that have proved to be the standard for the majority of oil companies drilling underbalanced wells in western Canada and around the world. B.O.P Systems Consulting is engaged in brokerage and procurement of blowout preventer assemblies and related oil and gas equipment.

Prior to 2002, Mr. Saulnier spent 4 years at Energy Rentals (Later Weatherford) as the pressure control manager. His duties would include, developing Energy Rental’s pressure control division, advising and consulting in well control and blowout situations, assisted Enform (formally Pits) in creating and developing the Canadian Industry recommended practice relating to critical sour gas drilling (IRP vol 1).

Prior to joining Energy Rentals, Mr. Saulnier spent 18 years with Enterra Rental Service (Later Weatherford) in Canada and Kuwait. From 1994 to 1997, JP expedited equipment such as BOP’s, accumulators, tubular goods, handling tools and related supplies utilized in the drilling and service rig sector as well as the proper use of such equipment. From 1991 to 1994 Mr. Saulnier was employed by the Wellcat Division of Enterra in Kuwait as a Pressure Control Equipment Expert. Mr. Saulnier’s function in Kuwait involved managing a team of welders to conduct fabricating various oilfield components, supervised numerous well control and well capping operations including fire fighting, installation of blowout prevention equipment as well as assisting the Kuwait oil company with procurement. The primary function was to return war damaged wells back into production. From 1979 to 1991 Mr. Saulnier employment with Enterra in Nisku involved the co-coordinating well site hook-ups for pressure control equipment, supervising shop personal on the repair, maintenance and certification of BOP’s and other related oilfield components and welding.

Mr. Saulnier, a Journeyman Welder.